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Legislative Report 

October 2023




  • Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, “Police State” will appear in theaters October 23 & 25 with a virtual premier on October 27.  More info at

  • Former Dodger & Padre Baseball ace, Steve Garvey has announced his run for California Governor.

  • The California DOJ has sued 5 major oil companies “to hold them responsible for their decades long campaign of deception”.  Our AG submits that Big Oil has been lying for decades about the harms and we have had to “spend billions to weather the devasting repercussions of climate change.”  As we march forward to becoming a third world nation with limited energy options, we’ll have Bonta and Newsom, et al to thank for ruination of this once great state.

  • Jim Desmond has been posting daily updates on the illegal aliens that have been dumped into San Diego County in the last month.  As of Monday morning, we are up to 19,000.  Last week the County Supervisors (majority democrat/socialists) voted to spend $3,000,000 in county taxpayer dollars.  Look for more county tax dollars to be used for illegals as this won’t last long.

  • In the meantime, Mike Levin, and Scott Peters (along with Sara Jacobs and Juan Vargas) have written a letter to the President requesting federal funds since the SD Board of Supervisors approved a motion “declaring the lack of resources for asylum seekers from the federal government a humanitarian crisis.”  These people that are breaking our laws and entering our country illegally are now called asylum seekers and migrants.  Most of our elected officials are well-aware that their constituents are NOT in favor of open borders or illegal immigration, but choose to ignore citizens and the law, jeopardizing our national security.  

  • Brunson Brothers Supreme Court Case (and Updates) from a Docuseries done by Lara Logan.  You can find it on X (Formerly Twitter) under “Truth in Media.”

  • Remember all the calls we made to Blakespear to ask her to vote against the tax hike?  Literally thousands of constituents contacted her, but our calls and emails fell on deaf ears.  In reading her latest newsletter, it would seem constituent’s opinions are not part of the equation in her decision making.  From her newsletter: “Listening to passionate floor speeches from people with competing world views is truly the stuff of movies. Sitting in that chair as a decision-maker, I can share that what people say and how they say it does influence me. Many things are well researched by my indefatigable staff who worked tirelessly to prepare me for taking these votes. But some things come down to listening to my colleagues and casting that critical vote. It's truly such an honor to do the people's work.”  She was voted into the Senate, so we have a long road ahead of us, but it’s not too early to start providing pressure and educating her district.


We can relax for a little while, as the 9-month legislative calendar has finally come to an end for 2023.  Rest assured though; your legislators are busy at work crafting a whole new array of bills for 2024.  It is hard to fathom that between October 7 and October 13, Newsom signed 417 new bills into law.  In total, the California 2023 Legislative session brought Californian’s 890 bills that were signed into law. These new laws are over and above the new regulations & mandates imposed on Californians by unelected bureaucratic agencies (dictating water, energy policies, etc.).


  • Newsom and the Democrat Socialists are coming for your kids.  Signed into law are the following bills:

    • AB665: Minors:  Consent to Mental Health Services.  This bill allows a child as young as 12 to get mental health treatments or residential shelter services without the consent of a parent.  In other words, “State-Sanctioned Kidnapping”

    • AB1078:  The State of California will determine appropriate instructional materials (removing those responsibilities from the locally elected School Boards).  Law was written to ensure that public schools provide inclusive materials (roles and contributions to include Mexican Americans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and members of other ethnic and cultural groups.)

    • AB5: “Safe and Supportive Schools Act”.  This updates the current law mandating support for LGBTQ++ students but puts new requirements on schools to help their personnel determine whether these students have supportive home environment inclusive of gender affirmation from parents.


  • California has banned hand-counting of paper ballots. AB969 was signed into law by Newsom.  If elections in California are not rigged, why would this law be necessary?  A little more insight into our election process and the effects of motor voter automatic registration:


  • Newsom and Socialist Democrats don’t like private business and have passed new laws accordingly:

    • AB12 Limits Security Deposits on privately owned rental property.

    • SB567 Limits rent increases and adds new regulations to prevent evictions from privately owned rental properties (because “we have a low-income housing crisis”)

    • AB1228 Increases minimum wage for fast food workers from $15.00/hr. to $20.00/hr. beginning in April.  This law also creates a fast-food council (your tax dollars at work for a bigger government) to regulate work hours, work conditions and further increases in minimum wage.




Central Committee Members – Run for Elected Office

The Republican Party in California has been weak for so long that most of you aren’t old enough to remember Pete Wilson as Governor (or Ronald Reagan!).  The fish rots from the head and we must re-evaluate our leadership in the California Republican Party and make changes accordingly. This starts with electing Central Committee Members that will shake things up and not go along with the status quo. If you want to make a difference, please consider running for this position. 


The Central Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party of San Diego County. The committee takes charge of choosing a Chairman, deciding on endorsements, and plotting a course for victory for Republican Party endorsed candidates each and every election cycle.

The Committee is comprised of 42 regular members, with 6 elected from each Assembly District within San Diego County, alongside 5 Ex-Officio members, who are elected Republicans to the State Senate, State Assembly, and U.S. Congress, and 2 At Large Members. Each member has the ability to appoint an alternate member to take their place in an absence.


All of our Committee Members are elected every four years. Our Committee is elected by Supervisor District and has 9 members per district.


You can find the information on the Registrar of Voters' website: 2024 Candidate Filing Guide March.pdf (



A person shall not be eligible for appointment or election to a county central committee/County Council who is not registered as affiliated with the political party of that committee at the time of his/her appointment or election and registered voter in the district at the time nomination papers are issued. (E.C. Sec. 201, 7209, 7407, 7654, 7852) Elections Code Section 8001: No declaration of candidacy for a partisan office or for membership on a county central committee shall be filed by a candidate unless: 1. At the time of presentation of the declaration and continuously for not less than three months immediately prior to that time, or for as long as the candidate has been eligible to register to vote in the state, the candidate is shown by their affidavit of registration to be affiliated with the political party the nomination of which the candidate seeks; and 2. The candidate has not been registered as affiliated with a qualified political party other than that political party the nomination of which the candidate seeks within 12 months, or, in the case of an election governed by Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 10700) of Part 6 of Division 10, within three months immediately prior to the filing of the declaration. Peace and Freedom Party the requirement is 30 days. 


The candidates receiving the highest number of votes (up to the number of members to be elected from each district) will be elected to that party’s’ County Central Committee/County Council. There is no run-off in the November General Election. 





Not permitted 



Requires 20 valid signatures. Candidates may submit up to 40 signatures for verification. Signers of nomination papers for party-nominated offices shall be registered voters who disclosed a preference on their registration affidavits for the party in which the nomination is proposed. Signers shall be registered voters in the district in which the candidate is to be voted on. (E.C. Sec. 8068) 



Date Event September 29 - December 8 Declaration of Candidacy, Nomination Papers and Ballot Designation Worksheet. New Term Begins: (Varies by Party) 

REMINDER: Section 20712(e) of the Secretary of State Ballot Designation Regulations will be enforced. State or county central committee members or officers are not considered “public” offices. Therefore, more than three words may NOT be used on the ballot to describe these positions. Acceptable: Central Committee Member, Member, Central Committee, (other 3-word variations) Not Acceptable: Member of the County Central Committee, 78th District Member of the San Diego County Central Committee State Chair, XYZ Party.

More commentary about California Republican leadership…. On X (formerly Twitter), Jessica Patterson (Chairperson of the California Republican Party)  posted “Bring Back Kevin”.   The California Political Review provides some insight on Jessica Patterson at:


  • Reform California is always looking for volunteers (and donations).  Signature gathering, mailers, phone calls and Get Out the Vote Efforts are needed.  On Oct 12, Reform California launched a campaign to Repeal the California Death Tax.  Please contact to volunteer.


  • Volunteer to support Kristie Bruce-Lane in her Campaign.  She is the only Republican on the ballot and is endorsed by the Republican Party.  Volunteer at


  • Write and call your legislators.  Letters opposing requests by Mike Levin and Scott Peters for funding illegal aliens are on our website ( )  You can cut/paste and send via snail mail, email their offices, or give them a “blast” on social media.  It’s important to apply pressure and let our voices be heard.  Silence is complacency.


  • Redistricting took effect after the 2022 Election.  Many of us were in Brian Jones district then, but now unfortunately have Catherine Blakespear at least until 2026.   We now have representation from someone we never voted into office.  You can make your voice heard at  Capitol Office in Sacramento number is 916-651-4038 and her Encinitas Office is 760-642-0809. 


       My missive this week to her was as follows: 


      Rep. Blakespear:

      I know for a fact that you received thousands of calls in opposition to ACA13, yet you voted in favor of this.  When       reading your newsletter, you state that you listen to passionate floor speeches with competing world views, you           listen to your staff, and then listen to your colleagues to prepare for casting your vote doing “the people’s work”.       What you failed to mention was consideration of your constituents.  This is extremely troubling for representative       government.  Please re-consider how you will weigh and measure your votes in the future, taking into                           consideration the “will of the people”.  You passed 890 new laws in California in the 2023 Legislative Session.               Californians did not need 890 new laws.  Respectfully, 

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