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Legislative Report

February 2024



  • Over 100,000 illegal aliens have entered San Diego County in the past 4 months. Over 4,000 people from China (primarily male adults) have entered into San Diego in the past month. 60 Minutes reported on the Chinese “Migrant” invasion of Southern California through the “Tiny Gap” in the Border Wall Promoted on TikTok.

  • San Francisco has Appointed a NON-CITIZEN to sit on the City’s Elections Commission. She’s only been in the US since 2019 and gave an acceptance speech in Chinese. What could go wrong?

  • Did you know that San Diego County has a new Office of Equity and Racial Justice (OERJ)? They just released the County’s first Equity Indicators Report on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. The report follows the County’s declaration of racism as a public health crisis in January 2021. You can read the entire report on the OERJ website or the County’s Data Portal.


  • Governor Newsom Streamlines Riverside Energy Project Set to Provide Clean Power for 650,000 Homes:  Translation:  $296 Million is being spent on solar panels and batteries for less reliable power to 650,000 residents of Riverside.

  • California Secures More than $20 Million in Federal Funds to Support Salmon Fisheries. How did we get here??  Newsom removed 4 “obsolete” hydroelectric dams (which provided energy to the area), have been cleared to save the salmon that are supposedly suffering due to drought and climate change.

  • Newsom signed an executive order to spend $111.4 Million to “Advance the Careers of Farmworkers, Displaced Oil & Gas Workers, Young People, and Underserved Californians”. $33.7 Million: “Supporting 6,973 workers and apprentices, as well as creating 200 new jobs to advance career opportunities. (Almost $170,000 per job).

  • A new California Union:  The California Fast Food Workers Union. They won’t have the same collective bargaining power of traditional unions, but it will be affiliated with Service Employees International Union. As you may remember, legislation was passed to increase minimum wage to $20/hour. Assume with unionization, it will go up from there. (By the way, Barbara Lee, Senate Candidate wants minimum wage set at $50/Hr).

  • Newsom and Bonta are suing to remove the Taxpayer Protection Act Ballot Initiative from the November Ballot. Just can’t trust those pesky taxpayers to vote for more taxes. Our taxpayer dollars are being used to take this to the California Supreme Court in hopes that Californians won’t be able to vote on this proposition. More at:

  • Newsom has settled a lawsuit against HIM for $20 Billion per Rep Kevin Kiley. The suit was brought by students harmed by his school shutdowns, which were the longest of any state. The money paid will supposedly go to help students recover from learning loss. We taxpayers will be footing the bill.

  • The California Ammunition Background Checks Law Violates the US Constitution. Our tax dollars are being spent so that Attorney General Bonta can fight to keep this law on the books through the court system. 

  • Along the same line as the other anti-constitutional laws passed in California – the state is being sued for compelling speech. The bill in question mandates thousands of companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions.

  • “California Lawmakers unveil sweeping legislative proposals aimed at slavery reparations. The California Black Caucus announced the 2024 Reparation Priority Bill Package which lists 14 measures, to include providing a formal apology for human rights violations and crimes against humanity on African slaves and their descendants.”  The new proposals do not currently include cash payments to descendants of slaves. Due to the deficit, they propose at least a placeholder in the budget for future financial reparations.

  • SB 1052 and AB2236 aim to ban the use of ALL plastic bags state-wide. We have our illustrious lefty, former mayor of Encinitas, Catherine Blakespear to thank on the Senate side and Rebecca Bauer-Kahan of San Ramon on the Assembly side. They want us to move to recycled paper bags or reusable bags that are non-film plastic. I’m old enough to remember when they didn’t want paper bags because we needed to save the trees.

  • California Legislators continue to draft anti-gun legislation. One bill is to track all gun and ammunition purchases back to individuals through credit card companies. The other bill (another Catherine Blakespear special) is to force insurance companies to collect data on individual home insurance renewals (detailing where guns are stored and if they are locked up, etc.). 

  • In another insane move, legislators introduced a measure that ask voters in November to borrow $1 Billion to help the ports with an offshore wind bond.  “This is critical to offshore wind projects, which are a key component of the state’s ambitious goal to switch to 100% clean energy”. The federal government has leased 583 square miles of ocean waters about 20 miles off Humboldt Bay and the Central Coast’s Morro Bay to five energy companies. The proposed wind farms would hold hundreds of giant turbines, each as tall as a skyscraper. This technology has never been used in such deep water, far off the coast, but let’s not let untested engineering stand in the way of spending a billion.

  • Each year, Legislators introduce approximately 2,000 new bills. On average, each bill cost at least $18,000 to go from introduction to passage. Adjusted to inflation, each bill costs about $30,000. The total cost of bills (1046) sent to Newsom last year would total about $31 Million.

  • The end of January a slew of legislative proposals surfaced to further limit our freedoms:  Senate Bill 961 would require certain vehicles beginning in 2027 to be equipped such that a vehicle cannot go 10 miles over the speed limit.  This bill would also require large trucks to install side guards to prevent pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles from getting sucked underneath during a crash. No word from car and truck companies on the costs to supply just California vehicles these new features – or the cost to the consumer. But the Bill’s author, Scott Weiner, can’t be bothered with weighing costs and benefits.

  • Last year was a good year to be a lobbyist in California. Advocacy efforts in 2023 shattered previous efforts as almost $480 million was spent to influence legislation and regulatory decisions


  • You can access the California recommended “vaccine” schedule for children at Please research and be fully aware of true vaccines vs the “new” MRNA vaccines. RSV recommended from birth forward and Covid-19 at 12 months. Also available at through 18 years.

  • New Documentary out from Robby Starbuck: “The War on Children,” premiered on X. You can download from Rumble, rent for $11.99 or download the Movies Plus ap. Haven’t seen it yet, but once I do, I’ll have better info on how to access it.

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